I plan corporate events for a living and sometimes those events are held in outdoor spaces. One client hosted an outdoor cocktail reception under tents with beautiful landscaping. That landscaping attracted the biggest, meanest, and blood starved mosquitoes I’ve ever encountered! I suffered 8-10 bug bites during my 20 minute site walk and I know this would ruin the event. I called Dr. Buggs! He immediately toured the site, found the problem spots, treated the area and followed up on the treatment the day of the event. The end result, no one single complaint of a bug bite even after a it rained during the event.

I won’t host another outdoor event without calling on Dr. Buggs. He is fast, efficient, serious about eliminating pests and a joy to work with!

LaWanda Jones Dr. Buggs Saved My Outdoor Event!

John has been keeping bugs at bay at my house and in my yard for nearly 20 years, especially fleas. I am allergic to the bites and can’t have them anywhere near me. All I have to do is call John and he graciously fits me into his schedule, especially if it’s not a routine visit. My grown children are spoiled. They are not use to living among bugs. Thanks John for all you.

Carolyn Palmer

I contacted Dr. Buggs after seeing tiny ants all over my house. One Pest Control company told me my attic needed to be “bombed” in order to get rid of them. At that point I decided to ask Kirphton his advice. He identified them as “ghost ants” and said bombing the attic would not help if they were not eliminated from outside. He spent several hours his first visit trying to locate the problem. He needed to come back 2 more times after that. As soon as I called him to say I had seen more, within 24 hours he was back at my house. I proceeded to take out a yearly contract with him that cost just a little more than the cost of treating my attic. I am very satisfied with his service and knowledge and would recommend him to anyone who is having a pest issue.

Fay Martel

I just bought a new car and 3 days after I took it home I saw it was infested with little bugs. I called up Dr. Buggs on a Saturday afternoon and he came over my home within the hour. He diagnosed the problem immediately and told me there was a nest of ghost ants underneath my new car. He treated the car and 24 hours later…..NO MORE ANTS!!! Kirphton is extremely professional, shows up for appointments on time and apparently knows his business extremely well. I unequivocably recommend DR. BUGGS.

Jay Harris

My elderly parents were having a problem with roaches and ants. Dr. Buggs knocked out the ant problem in one visit and the roach problem in three visits. Thank you for letting my parents and MYSELF sleep better at night.

Dr. Jeffrey Frachtman

I have used Dr. Buggs’ service for a year now and my house is ant-free. From the very beginning I was impressed with Dr. Buggs care and dedication. He spent time studying the problem, determining what type of ants were causing it and selecting the correct method to solve it and then put the method to work. And it works! Outstanding service. I highly recommend Dr. Buggs for any pest control need. Thank you, Dr. Buggs!

Edith Olivia

We have used Dr. Buggs for almost a year, and have had a variety of pest control problems, ants, bees, and rodents all of which were handled quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Dr. Buggs!

Karl Heckelmoser

I used to have another company that took care of two of my homes.. When I met with DR. Buggs I knew that he could take care of my two homes a lot better than the other company I was using- having one of the homes as a rental it is very important to have someone you can trust to do what they say they are going to do and when they are going to do it.. Don’t wait CALL today to get rid of your buggs for Tommorow!!

Meridee Cole

I am so impressed with Kirphton’s knowledge of his trade. He explained clearly & effectively what the problem was and how he could fix it! I am looking forward to an ant free future! Thanks!!!


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